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We specialize in dog daycare, luxury pet boarding and professional spa-style dog grooming services. We are also a full-service animal hospital with a veterinarian who is equipped to perform a complete range of services for dogs and cats.


Dr DuLaney - DVM

Dr. David DuLaney became fascinated with the world of orthopedic care from a young age, and when the family pet needed emergency surgery, he quickly realized he wanted to use his passion for medicine to better the lives of animals. He hasn’t looked back since!

Dr. DuLaney is from Chesapeake, Virginia, and moved to South Carolina to earn his Bachelor’s degree from Lander University. Next, he completed a Master’s program in veterinary anatomy prior to attending veterinary school at the University of Georgia. After earning his Doctorate, Dr. DuLaney headed to New York City for an internship at the prestigious Animal Medical Center, then launched his career in private practice.

Dr. DuLaney joined the Destination Pet of Woodstock team in October of 2023 and serves the area’s pets and animal parents as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He loves the process of diagnosing an issue and following it through to appropriate treatment, and one of his favorite things about the veterinary field is the constant learning opportunity it provides.

Dr. DuLaney and his wife, Meredith—whom he met in veterinary school—have a young son, Aldin. The family shares their home with an elderly goldfish, two cats, and a rambunctious Labrador mix named Junior. When he isn’t spending time with his wife Meredith and son, Aldin, or tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Dr. DuLaney enjoys leatherworking, gardening, and woodworking; he’s even built a playground for his son and an entire bedroom suite for his wife!

Dr DuLaney

Dr. DuLaney Is Currently Scheduling for The Following Surgeries:

Urogenital: Bladder biopsy, Cystotomy, Cystocentesis, Retro-hydropulsion, Scrotal ablation, Perineal urethrostomy, Prescrotal urethrostomy, Episioplasty (vulvoplasty), Urethral prolapse

Ophthalmic: Eye tacking (Entropion/Ectropion), Cherry eye, Enucleation, Grid keratotomy, Temporary tarsorrhaphy, Prolapsed globe reduction, Chalazion resection, Meibomian/lid margin tumor resection

Abdominal: Gastric foreign body, Gastropexy, GDV, Splenectomy, Intestinal Resection/Anastomosis, Intestinal biopsy, Laparotomy, Inguinal/umbilical/ perineal hernia repair, Anal sacculectomy, Prolapsed rectum, Rectal polyps, perianal mass removal, Hepatic lobectomy, Gallstone removal

Ear, nose, and throat: Stenotic nares, Soft palate resection, Whole mouth extractions, Gingival flap for oronasal fistula, Gingival resection, Hemimandibulectomy, Symphyseal fracture, Mandibular body fractures

Orthopedic: IM pin/cerclage, ESF, Lateral suture, MPL/LPL, Amputation, FHO, Brace casting through My Pet's Brace

Aural: Hematoma, Lateral ear canal resection, polyp removal

Assorted: Chest tube, Pericardiocentesis, Thoracocentesis, Abdominocentesis, Abscess management, Drain placement and management, Delayed skin closure, Chronic wound management (typically sugar bandaging), Skin graft, Large tumor removals/revisions

Alicia Amey - Practice Manager

Alicia has 18 years experience in the veterinary and pet industry but recently in 2023 enrolled in Appalachian State University's credentialed Veterinary technician program. She shares her home with 2 beautiful children ages 13 and 9, 3 catahoula leopard dogs, 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback and a variety of wildlife on five acres just outside of Douglasville. In her off time she enjoys metalworking, predominantly welding and custom vehicle work.


Andie Brasley - Assistant Manager

Andie has 3 dogs that are his fur children with his wife Brittany. Their names are Magnolia Grace, Lily Belle, and Willow Athena. Andie has over 18 years MGMT experience. He loves to crochet, trying new foods/ restaurants, travel, reading, and tagging along on nature adventurers with his wife.


Jules Rack - Lead Veterinary Assistant

Jules has been a veterinary assistant for 8 years and has worked in General Practice, Urgent Care, Mobile Veterinary Services as well as Cat Rescue. Jules is a certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional and practices fear-free handling to ensure the best possible experience for every patient she has the pleasure of working with. Jules is also extremely passionate about animal rescue, especially cats and special needs animals. Jules and her husband are proud pet parents to 3 rescue dogs and 8 rescue cats. Jules is currently enrolled with Penn Foster and is working towards her associate degree, then she will become a licensed veterinary technician. Jules loves to learn and jumps at any chance to attend continuing education. Jules is ecstatic to join the incredible medical team at Destination Pet of Woodstock and lead the veterinary assistant team.

Dr DuLaney

Brittany Fielder - Surgery Lead

Brittany has been in the veterinary medicine industry for nearly 6 years as a veterinary assistant, and is excited to join the Destination Pet of Woodstock team. Before becoming a veterinary assistant, Brittany worked at Zoo Atlanta for a year getting hands on experience with exotic animals like kangaroos, tanuki, and naked mole rats. Her favorite part of her job is working with new pet parents to help prepare their new puppy or kitten for a successful, healthy life. When she isn’t working, Brittany enjoys reading, cosplay, and going on adventures to new cities with her partner. Brittany is currently enrolled with Penn Foster and is working towards becoming a licensed veterinary technician.

Dr DuLaney

Josh Spencer - Training Development

Hi my name's Josh and this is one of my dogs, Kain! I've been around dogs my whole life and have worked in pet care for the last 5 years. My dream is to be a dog trainer and I am currently working alongside the practice manager to develop further training programs for Destination Pet. I have 4 dogs of my own named Kol, Finn, Kaia, and Kain and when I'm not at work, I'm at home with them watching sports. I can't wait to meet you and your pets and to start working with you all!

Dr DuLaney

Ashley Dixon - Kennel Manager

She has been in the pet industry for 3 years, but has years of experience taking care of pets she’s had in her lifetime. She just started her journey into the Vet Side of things!! She lives at home with her husband and a black short haired cat. In her off time she enjoys watching tv, working on cars, and spending as much with her family as she can.

Ashley Dixon

Lynne Enriquez - Veterinary Assistant

Lynne has had a soft heart for all living creatures since a very young age. Instead of playing with kids her own age, you could find her searching for snakes and frogs to play with, as well as stray animals to feed. It's only natural that caring for animals as a profession would be her passion. She has been assisting veterinarians for over 20 years. Her hobbies include painting animals, kayaking and completing puzzles. She now has many pets of her own, including 2 senior horses, 2 dogs, 4 cats and a beautiful koi pond.

Lynne Enriquez

Veterinarian in Woodstock

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