Providing pet parents peace of mind

The thought of becoming separated from your beloved companion is a frightening one.

Unfortunately, it’s the type of situation that happens every day. It only takes a fraction of a second for a frightened or over-excited pet to bolt out of a door or window, and as humans, we are simply unable to match their speed if they decide to take off.

Having your dog or cat microchipped is one of the most effective methods of increasing your chance of being reunited with them if they ever get lost. Unlike a tag or a collar, a microchip can’t simply “fall off.” This, of course, makes it a more permanent solution. At Destination Pet of Woodstock, we offer quick and painless microchipping for Woodstock-area pets.

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How It Works

Each year, tens of millions of pets are lost or stolen. Of those that are not chipped, roughly 90% never find their way back home. When you have your pet microchipped, a tiny chip is inserted below the skin between their shoulder blades using a needle. The chip contains a unique number that, once registered, is linked to an online account with your contact information. The chip itself does not contain any personal information, and it does not track your pet.

If your dog or cat gets lost and is found and brought into a vet’s office, shelter, etc., they will be scanned for a chip. The scanner will display the registration number, which will then be used to look up your contact information. As long as you keep this information up to date, you’ll then be contacted and reunited with your pet.

Microchipping in Woodstock

For microchipping in Woodstock, Kennesaw, Holly Springs, and the surrounding areas, trust Destination Pet of Woodstock. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Microchipping in woodstock