Cat Boarding

Luxury boarding for your feline friends

Whether you’ll only be gone overnight or heading out on a lengthy vacation, your feline friend is welcome to stay with us while you are away.

In addition to our other services, we provide luxury cat boarding that is sure to appeal to even the most finicky of felines. We understand it can be stressful for cats to leave their homes, that’s why we create a comfortable environment for them to receive all the attention they need. At Destination Pet, we would absolutely love to have your cat as our honored guest!

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About Our Boarding Services

We welcome cats of all ages as long as they are in good overall health and free from communicable diseases and internal and external parasites. We require all guests to be up to date on their Rabies and FVRCP vaccines, as well. We perform all vaccination and spay/neuter service. Because cats have specific nutritional needs, we ask that you provide their food pre-bagged in individual meal-sized portions. We will feed your pet according to your instructions for the frequency and size of meals. Morning feeding occurs around 7 am, midday feeding occurs around 12 pm, and evening feeding occurs around 4 pm. We will also administer medications you provide at no additional cost.

Our cat boarding facility is secure, cozy, and spacious. Your feline friend will have her own cat condo to enjoy and, if she is social, she can enjoy stimulating play, tranquil catnaps, and unlimited bird watching in our Cat Room.

Cat Boarding Packages

Cat Boarding in Woodstock

When your cat needs a safe place to stay, don’t trust just any boarding facility. Choose Destination Pet of Woodstock for veterinarian-supervised cat boarding in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. To schedule your feline friend’s stay or to learn more about our facility, please reach out to us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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